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Chantale Houle

President & Sales Director

Determined visionary. Chantale bursts with creativity, boldness and effectiveness. She knows how to innovate, how to develop unique concept for her customers to power up their products to a new level! Her enthusiasm and her passion are an inspiration for all Kefiplant’s team! Native entrepreneur, Chantale has twenty years of experience in business, a bachelor degree in actuarial and a recognized expertise in research & development.

Alain Lambert

General Director

Organizer and relying. Alain manages, trusts, empowers the team and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. His operational decisions are always oriented towards customer satisfaction, encouraging the involvement and the harmony of Kefiplant team.

Graduated in human resources management from the Université du Québec, Alain has several years of experience in operation and human resources. His analytical skills and his understanding of human being are important assets that help Kefiplant to be brought among the best.

Dr. Sergi Rollan


Mondial expert in fermentation. Medical and pharmaceutical doctor, research biologist and nutritionist, Dr. Rollan is well known internationally for his contributions to human health. He currently is a member of the Faculty of the Université de Toulouse. He continues his own research on fermentation at the Symbiotec Laboratory, in France. He has committed over 20 years of research to the study of fermentation and has discovered how to recreate an organic and stable symbiosis of yeasts & bacteria.

Maryse Labarre

Sales Representative

Partner of your success. Dynamic and passionate, Maryse loves above all to develop a great relationship with customers. She knows how to fulfill their needs. She ensures the smooth running of all steps related to the sales. Holder of a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Maryse has over 10 years of professional experience.

Annie Mercier

Laboratory Supervisor

Devoted to the lab. Dynamic and responsible, Annie is the trusted person to manage the lab. She is proactive and ensures the proper monitoring of the laboratory analysis.

Graduated in laboratory technique with a specialization in biotechnology, combined with her 10 years of experience including 5 years in quality control and regulation makes her the reference for the whole Kefiplant’s lab team.

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