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Kombucha KefiViva Base:

Inspired by the traditional fermentation method

Two glasses of beverage made with Kombucha KefiViva Base on a table


Caring to understand the ancestral fermentation and to apply it to today's reality, Kefiplant’s scientists analyzed and tested the Kombucha. They comprehended how yesterday's nomads succeeded to create a drink as complete in health benefits.

The fermentation process used by Kefiplant for its KefiViva Kombucha Base is inspired by the ancestral method. This technique allows to control and stabilize the fermentation. Using this fermented drink Base allows companies that market a Kombucha beverage to produce as much quality than with the ancestral beverage.

Your solution!

The manufacturing process of the KefiViva Kombucha Base ensures strict control during the fermentation. This unique quality control allows to offer a stable product in every production batch.

Discover the KefiViva Kombucha Base and over 30 certified organic fermented herbs whose benefits enable you to formulate a unique and functional drink for your client.

Did you know...

Kombucha, an ancestral beverage used for more than 2000 years!

A Kombucha drink is an infusion of sweet tea traditionally fermented by a yeasts & bacteria symbiosis. This drink has survived centuries because of its recognized benefits on the health.

Consumed today for its unique taste, its popularity and its benefits, the Kombucha drink allows consumers to reconnect with their sources.

What are the risks associated to a non-controlled production of a Kombucha beverage?

The risks associated with the non-controlled fermentation for a Kombucha beverage’s production can lead to an unbalance or a mutation of the symbiosis of yeasts & bacteria. Stability is therefore essential to ensure an uncontaminated beverage.

Contamination or microbial mutation can cause, among others, some appearance of wild yeasts, bad taste, bad odors and an unwanted high alcohol level in the drink.

What 's a good Kombucha drink?

It is a Kombucha drink produced with a controlled fermentation process which stabilized the taste and the level of alcohol, along with nutrients and health benefits.

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