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The trend:

Living Kombucha wholefood supplement

With the popularity of Kombucha fermented teas, they became a reference in the leaving food sector as a nutrient and probiotic source. The Kombucha notoriety also enables to use it in many other products and to facilitate the marketing of products such as complete food supplements.

Kombucha at its optimal potential

The Kombucha is mainly known as a functional and living drink, but is also available at its full potential as a Kombucha KefiNutra supplement.

The fermentation lenght and technique are adapted when manufacturing a supplement in order to maximize all the available nutrients. The powerful synergy then created between nutrients optimize health benefits and offers a totally natural rich and complete supplement.

Length of fermentation: a direct impact upon nutrients quantity and quality

In order to understand quickly various types of products obtained according to the fermentation length, here is a comparison to show the importance of time to obtain the maximum of nutrients and health benefits.

Photo Pomme-Cidre

Kombucha KefiNutra is just the beginning…

Well known for their probiotic and detoxifying vertues, as well as for all their health benefits, over 30 herbs can be used as food supplements.

Did you know...

Kombucha, an ancestral beverage used for more than 2000 years!

A Kombucha drink is an infusion of sweet tea traditionally fermented by a yeasts & bacteria symbiosis. This drink has survived centuries because of its recognized benefits on the health.

Consumed today for its unique taste, its popularity and its benefits, the Kombucha drink allows consumers to reconnect with their sources.

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