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Fermented Parsley

KefiNutra Fermented Parsley  is a living liquid wholefood supplement of certified organic Fermented Parsley . This Tonic is produced  by a symbiotic fementation process and used in it pure form or combined with other types of food supplements.

Botanical Informations

Botanical Name:Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Fuss
Common Name:Parsley, Garden Parsley, Double Curled Parsley
Used Part:Leaves

Native to the central Mediterranean region, parsley is widely cultivated and used as a spice, vegetable or medicinal herb. Its name comes from the Latin "Petrosilenum", itself originating from the Greek "Petrosilenon", meaning "rock celery". Listed in the French pharmacopoeia, its use as leaf powder or syrup is recommended for its stimulating and emmenagogue properties. In folk medicine, parsley leaves are used as external resolvent remedy to treat inflammation.; Parsley is a significant source of flavonoids, carotenoids and vitamin C, conferring this medicinal herb interesting antioxidant properties. Beyond antioxidant activity, vitamin C is also contributing to bone and tooth health, protecting against infection, enhance iron absorption. Parsley also contains important amounts of vitamin K involved in blood coagulation.

Fermented Parsley
Fermented Parsley
Fermented Parsley


Product Features

Taste:Sour parsley
pH:2.0 - 3.5
Acidity:10.0 - 15.0
List of ingredients:Water, organic parsley leaves, organic raw cane sugar, ancient symbiosis of yeasts (Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Zygosaccharomyces bailii, Dekkera bruxellensis) and bacteria (Acetobacter sp., Gluconoacetobacter sp.)
Lifetime:2 year(s)
Storage:Keep container tightly close in a cool (between 39 and 68°F), dry and dark place

Healty Benefits

  • Preventing cellular damages of oxydative reactions; 
  • Regulating glycemia: prevention or alleviation of diabetes; 
  • Regulating menstrual cycle: induces and eases mentrual flow; 
  • Potential prevention of cancer; 
  • Concentrate of vitamins and oligo-elements; 
  • Protecting against microbial infections; 
  • Supporting healthy digestive and gastrointestinal functions: prevents spasms, increases appetite, enhances gastric digestion; 
  • Increasing vital energy; 
  • Boosting the immune system; 
  • Overall body's detoxification.

Nutrients after fermentation

Molecule:Essential oils (Myristicin, apiol or "parsley camphor"), Phenolic compounds, Flavonoids (Apigenin, Naringenin, Quercitin, Luteolin), Carotenoids (Lutein)
Organic Acids:Acetic, Gluconic, Succinic acids
Vitamines:A, B9 ou Folic acid, B12, C and K
Minerals:Gluconate and acetate forms (P, K, Ca)
Amino acids:Tryptophan
Others:Soluble sugars, Alcohol, Glycerol
Enzymes:Hydrolase, Lipase, Amylase

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